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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic Ancient Egyptians Rule!
This Website is all about
ancient Egyptians, one of the
most intelligent of all the
ancient civilisations! They lived about
3000 BC and had some
of the most memorable buildings
and unique writing and language.

To find out some more
about the Ancient egyptians
go to the worshipped
or the hieroglyhics pages
you can also go to the
whats new?page
there will be lots of
ancient stuff there.ENJOY!

Ancient egyptians. The big 3-D triangles or
pyrimids as the Know-It-Alls call it.

The ancient Egyptians created some of the most unique architectural sites in all history. Although the art-deco
fashion period came way(!)after the Egyptians, the 3-D triangles were very art-deco!Well, actually they
were built for dead famous corpes to get buried in.The pyrimids had heiroglyphics all over the walls
saying stuff about the dead person,its life and the after life. The hieroglyphs also said
what goddess/god the Dead person was in the sevice of because the egyptians mainly praised one Goddess/God each
although there were loads and loads of them. There were festivals for each Goddess/God and during each
one there were different activities and traditions,

e.g Hathor, Goddess of Love, Dance and Joy:
Girls in the service of Hathor danced in the street, usually dancing in loin clothes and flowers.

Screen Shot: Project BOB The After Life
Before being entombed or buried,
the corpse has to be embalmed and mummified.
First they took out the organs and
then they wrapped linen around the
dead body. The "Book Of The Dead"
or as called in Ancient Egypt
"The Book Of Going Forth By Day"
had pics and spells to
help the Ka (soul) get past
all perils.There were many
dangers, but the good and
worthy all got through.